Why Choose Rexius

If you are thinking about investing in a used piece of equipment that can cost as much as a house, do your homework. Though rolling the dice on an “internet deal” isn’t much of a risk when buying a set of used golf clubs, it rarely ends well with specialized equipment.

At Rexius, when listing a used blower truck for sale, we conduct an in-depth visual inspection of the entire unit, noting areas of concern to go back and test for repair or replacement of components and service points.  Inspections include the computer systems, hydraulics, motors, bearings, PTOs, floor, back door material feeding systems, feeder (airlock), hoses, tires, and paint.

Based on our findings, we begin a process of doing necessary repairs and upgrades (as applicable). Because we are the inventors and original builders of the Express Blower, and we also run our own EB trucks, we know very well what maintenance areas to focus on that are often overlooked. Only when the unit has gone through this intensive process, been fully serviced, DOT inspected, and product tested, will it be released for sale. Occasionally, we will sell a consigned unit or trade-in “as is,” but when we do, we are very clear about it.

Each used truck is sold with a full set of new Express Blower proprietary blower hose and is fully detailed, and most often newly painted as well.

Once a customer has determined they want to purchase a used blower truck, we recommend they come out to Oregon to visit with us. While here, we can show and demonstrate the truck(s) they are interested in. During the visit, we can also go over a variety of things such as truck safety, operations, and maintenance.

Because we run a fleet of Express Blower trucks ourselves, we can share methods of bidding, building brand awareness, and show a variety of applications such as playground chips, mulch, roof top installations, erosion control, sports fields, and Terraseeding®, the exclusive, patented Express Blower seeding system.

After the sale, we continue to share with our owners our knowledge built over many years of operating a blower truck business. When you buy from Rexius, you get much more than just a great truck, you get our attention.



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Rexius Equipment is an extension of Rexius Forest By-Products, Inc., founded in 1935. We are a used equipment dealer who specializes in the material placement equipment industry, primarily Slinger Trucks and Blower Trucks. The co-president of the company, Arlen Rexius, is the original inventor of the Express Blower Truck, and has many years of experience in the industry which gives Rexius Equipment superior expertise in this field.

Our primary purpose is to supply buyers with their equipment needs from a reputable and professional company at a fair price. We are excited to work with you and hope that you have a great experience here at Rexius Equipment, your source for material placement equipment.

Rexius is located in Eugene, Oregon, and has operated as a family owned business, now in its 4th generation. The Company believes the family unit is an important part of successful living and can be a positive influence toward the goal of maintaining happy, productive employees who in turn build strong relationships with the customers that we all depend on. We firmly believe that this is our strength, and that our core values help us build upon that strength, making us the company we have become today.